Payment methods / Credit/debit cards

Payment methods

All garages accept standard payment methods: cash and credit/debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, 4b, Euro 6000.

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  • Not available image: 4B
  • Not available image: Euro6000
Not available image: ROUTEX
BP Professional ROUTEX

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Company cards

Designed for the convenience of customers and delivering different services, the company has created a series of customer reward cards that offer various benefits and services. These cards reward customer loyalty.

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Not available image: Customer reward card
Customer reward card

This card is designed for all users, both individual customers and company clients for all sectors. It works like a standard credit card, by charging the expense to the card.

Not available image: Plus Card
Plus card

This card is aimed at companies or individuals. Payment is made in cash but the customer can take advantage of discounts that are redeemable at any of the firm's garages.

All cards are customised with the user name and an invoice is issued at the end of each month for spending made.