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Àrea 463 Service Station

This garage is located in the province of Lleida and is the company's latest addition.

Like all other service stations of the Distribuidora de Carburantes SA group, it consists of a large complex that provides services to make motorway breaks convenient and pleasant.


The station has a full range of fuels and other products.

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    A quality fuel to help you take care of your vehicle's health.

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    Diesel Plus

    Quality and reliable petrol, suitable for all diesel engines.

  • Not available image: Ultimate

    BP Ultimate Petrol removes an average of 95% of harmful residues that prevent the engine from operating efficiently, while also keeping it clean. Engine efficiency improves as a result of the special formula used by the petrol to reduce friction.

  • Not available image: Ultimate Diesel
    Ultimate Diesel

    BP Ultimate Diesel can preserve up to 99% of a vehicle's engine power. It removes harmful deposits and protects against the formation of new ones. BP Ultimate Diesel is designed so that vehicles engines run like new.

  • Not available image: Ad-Blue

    Ad-Blue is a chemical (urea solution) of synthetic origin that reduces the emissions of heavy vehicles with diesel engines that have a selective catalytic reduction system installed.


The range of services offered at the station makes taking a break during the journey a pleasant experience for the drivers of both small and large vehicles.

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    Car park

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